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Contact via Email: Closed to In-person Traffic

Due to response to coronavirus containment, Native Student Services is closed to in-person traffic. Staff will respond to emails and calls Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Native Student Services provides a safe, affirming space on campus. It is a gathering place where students can find support, access resources, connect with community representatives, study with classmates, meet new friends, and interact with people who share similar experiences as indigenous peoples.

Paula Jones stands in front of Native Student Services

Native Early Transition (NET) Program

Chin'an gu nin yu! Aang! Paġlagivsigin! Waqaa! Cama-i! Yak'ei haat yigoode'e!

NET (Native Early Transition) Program is a perfect fit for rural and Alaska Native students interested in attending our UAA campus. We provide a week long period where we focus on building community for our rural students based on Alaska Native values and previous students’ experiences at UAA. The program will continue into the first year and students will earn college credits while participating in culturally based academic activities and curriculum.


NET program participants sit on the grass in a circle


Scholarship/Funding Resources

The CIRI Foundation Handbook is a great resource for all Alaska Native and Native American students. Please click on the following links for scholarship resources and information. Resources are organized by region. 

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Native Student Services