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College of Engineering

At the University of Alaska Anchorage, you can pursue your dream of becoming an engineer, computer scientist, or project manager while living in Anchorage--the business, industrial, cultural, and recreational center of Alaska.  Located near all major Alaskan employers of engineering, computer science, and project management talent, 74% of our job-seeking students have jobs before they graduate!

As an undergraduate, you can pursue Bachelor's degrees in Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Computer Systems Engineering, Computer Science, or Geomatics (Surveying and Mapping), and graduate degrees Project Management, Mechanical, or Civil Engineering. We also offer collaborative degrees in Mining and Geological Engineering, and a PhD in Engineering with the University of Alaska Fairbanks. 

The Alaska Department of Labor has projected the state will need 627 new computer and engineering professionals by 2030 -- requiring two new hires for every one that retires.  UAA's College of Engineering is committed to producing cutting-edge graduates ready to energize the state's growing engineering community. 


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  • Dr Oleg Shiryayev Shows off his prototype corrosion sensor.

    UAA researcher senses a solution to pipeline corrosion

    May 22, 2023

    On the North Slope there are thousands of small pipes that ultimately come together to feed into the big one — the Trans-Alaska Pipeline. Each of those pipes are a potential hazard, especially as they experience the effects of air, water and chemistry over long periods of time. Even in the cold of the Arctic, pipes will eventually succumb to corrosion — the natural chemical process that transforms refined metals into oxides.

    That’s where Oleg Shiryayev, Ph.D., assistant professor of mechanical engineering in UAA’s College of Engineering, comes in. 

  • Composite photo of Nicole Mah and Tuva Granøien

    Energy awareness app earns two ACEP students prestigious award

    April 18, 2023

    This morning when you made your coffee, did you stop and wonder how much of that electricity came from wind, solar, hydro or natural gas? It can be daunting trying to track that down. Not for long! Two UAA Computer Science seniors are busy developing an app that will track where your coffee pot is getting its electricity from.

  • Portrait of professor Osama Abaza in a suit.PacTrans receives USDOT $15M renewal award

    February 23, 2023

    The USDOT just awarded a $15 million renewal grant to the Pacific Northwest Transportation Consortium (PacTrans), of which UAA is a partner along with Portland State University, University of Idaho, Washington State University, and led by the University of Washington. The Northwest Indian College will also serve as an education and outreach partner. CoEng's own Dr. Abaza heads the UAA engineering team as PacTrans leads the nation into the future of transportation infrastructure research and development.

  • Profile photo of Dr. Yang

    Liquid earth: UAA researchers study earthquake models

    November 29, 2022

    In 2002, a large earthquake (Mw=7.9) struck in the Alaska Range near Tok, inflicting severe infrastructure damage to two sites: the Tok Cutoff highway near the Slana River and the Northway Airport by the Canadian border. This may sound like old news, but in UAA’s College of Engineering, researchers are still uncovering valuable findings from this disaster — findings that may help the Alaska Department of Transportation & Public Facilities (AKDOT&PF) better prepare for future earthquakes.

  • Student, Peter Renor standing behind a plasma tank.Undergrad research training leads UAA alum to Sandia National Labs

    October 19, 2022

    For Peter Renner, the last four years have felt like sprinting a marathon. He went into Texas A&M’s mechanical engineering Ph.D. program in 2018, right after graduating from UAA, and just four years later he is now a postdoctoral fellow at Sandia National Laboratories in Albuquerque, New Mexico. That means he blasted through his coursework, exams and dissertation in practically record time — even with the coronavirus pandemic and a newborn daughter thrown into the mix.

  • Dr Hailu readies a liquid nitrogen injector for his cryogenic erosion research.Cryogenic Solid Particles and Lunar Rover

    July 25, 2022

    If you spent much time around the Engineering and Industry Building this last year, you were almost guaranteed to see UAA College of Engineering Professor Getu Hailu carting industrial sized thermoses in and out of the building. It turns out the thermoses were not for his lunch. They contained freezing cold liquid nitrogen for use in his NASA-funded research into how extreme cold affects different materials.


    Geomatics student surveys the ECB parkinglot covered in snow..

    UAA partners with Bellingham Technical College on geomatics program

    March 7, 2022

    The University of Alaska Anchorage is excited to announce a new partnership with the Bellingham Technical College (BTC) to further educational opportunities for students and meet the high-demand needs for today’s Geomatics workforce. The new partnership offers a pathway for students in BTC’s associate degree in Engineering Technology - Geomatics to continue their education and finish with a Bachelor of Science in Geomatics at UAA.

    Students examine a cut piece of ice for structural imperfections.

    Ice research may add up to big savings for a growing industry

    February 17, 2022

    Anchorage’s Ted Stevens International Airport is one of the top five busiest cargo airports in the world.
    Anticipating this increase in northern shipping, UAA professor of structural engineering Scott Hamel, P.E., Ph.D., began researching the determination of ice crushing forces on vertical piles with tidal-accreted ice, which was one of seven UAA research projects selected for the 2020 ConocoPhillips Arctic Science and Engineering Endowment Awards.

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