Leadership Opportunities

Stay Connected during COVID-19

All in person events on the UAA campus may be cancelled due to statewide and local measures to contain the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) but that doesn't stop you from staying engaged with virtual events!

Virtual Engagement Opportunities

Student Leadership at the University of Alaska Anchorage provides opportunities for students to connect with the campus and Anchorage community, explore organizational involvement, and develop their personal leadership style. There are a wide variety of leadership development and recognition opportunities available to students. Explore the opportunities and become a student leader!



Emerging Leaders Program

UAA's Emerging Leaders Program (ELP) is a co-curriculum program aimed at developing and enhancing leadership skills and competencies of all students across campus through self-assessment, learning and practice opportunities. Participating in the ELP will help students be accomplished in the classroom, competitive in the work force and civic-minded in their communities. Students participate in a variety of activities over the course of the weekend in order to receive their Certificate of Distinction for the Emerging Leaders Program.

Apply to be an Emerging Leader

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Student Leaders participate in governance and policy making at the University of Alaska Anchorage. Whether part of USUAA (Student Government), Media Board, Concert Board, the Green Fee Board, or Club Council, student leaders shape and transform UAA on a daily basis. Learn more about participating in student governing bodies:

USUAA Student Government student leaders poses for a picture in the Student Union.


Leadership and Recognition

UAA recognizes the importance of student leadership. To that end, student leaders are officially recognized in a number of ways including as student graduation (commencement) speaker, with official leadership honors awards on degree awards and diplomas, leadership conferences, and leadership scholarships. Learn more about official recognition and apply:

Student commencement speaker addressing graduates from podium, wearing graduation cap and regalia.


Chancellor's MLK Student Appreciation Event

As a part of UAA's commemoration of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., every year UAA recognizes students who have made positive contributions to the institution. These students fill a variety of leadership roles in student organizations, work behind the scenes for numerous departments, and give of themselves in their courses above and beyond the expected. Taken from Dr. King's theme, "Everyone makes a difference," UAA is proud to honor these students as individuals who have made a difference through their work to the UAA community.

Learn more about Chancellor's MLK Event

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. addresses crowds during the March On Washington at the Lincoln Memorial, Washington DC, where he gave his ‘I Have A Dream’ speech. 



Leadership Series

The "Level UP!" Leadership Series offers students accessible leadership development opportunities to enhance their team building and management experiences in and out of the classroom. 

This leadership series runs weekly in October and November. Each one-hour session showcases a unique leadership lesson for UAA students, culminating into a diverse range of leadership experiences.

Learn More about the Leadership Series

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