Summer 2017 Rate of Pursuit Guide

  10-Week Session First 5-Week Session Second 5-Week Session
Classes Held May 22-Aug 5 May 22-June 26 June 29-Aug 5
Undergraduate rates

Full: 8 credits
3/4: 6 credits

Full-time: 4 credits
3/4-time: 3 credits

Full-time: 4 credits
3/4-time: 3 credits

Special Exceptions Undergraduates Only: Students may take a 3 credit class in each of the three terms above and be considered full time rate of pursuit: 9 credits
Graduate rates Full: 6 credits Full-time: 3 credits Full-time: 3 credits

Our goal is to simplify the transition from the military into higher education while fostering a receptive, knowledgeable and understanding community within the university.

REMEMBER: You must request certification each term you wish to use your benefits.



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