How to Apply for Housing

Thank you for your interest in living on campus at UAA for the 2023-2024 academic year! Please note that student housing this fall semester is at capacity in most areas, and Residence Life has moved to a waitlist. We encourage students interested in living on campus to complete a "Request to be Added to the Waitlist/Interest Form" which can be found on their Housing Page on UAOnline (see below for information about how to access this page). 

  • The Fall 2023 Waitlist Form is currently available.
  • The Spring 2024 Interest Form will be available by October 1.

We are incredibly excited that so many of our students are choosing to live on campus, and we look forward to the vibrancy and life that will fill our community next year! Please feel free to contact Residence Life if you have any questions. 


Requirements for Living in UAA's Residential Community

Any student age 18 or older can apply for campus housing. Students ages 16-17 who are admitted to UAA may apply for housing, but will require a parent/guardian signature as a part of their Housing Agreement.

Students must be enrolled in a minimum of nine (9) credits each semester in the fall and spring semesters for undergraduates and three (3) credits each semester for graduate students in order to live on campus. Students moving in during the summer sessions must be registered in three (3) credits over the course of the summer. As the Residence Life community is a scholastic environment, resident students are expected to make academic progress throughout the school year.

Students living on campus are required to comply with Residence Life Immunization Requirements as established by the UA Board of Regents. 

At this time, UAA does not have family housing and cannot accommodate non-student spouses, partners or children. For more information about finding housing off campus in Anchorage, please see the Guide to Living Off-Campus.  

How to Apply

Students can access online housing applications through UAOnline 

Steps to apply:

  • Log in to UAOnline
  • On the main menu choose Apply for Student Housing
  • Choose UAA Campus Housing and Dining
  • From your Housing Self-Service page, click on the Applications and Forms button and choose the application or waitlist form for the semester you wish to enter housing.
  • The waitlist form has no associated fee. If you are granted access to apply for housing and are completing the application, once you pay the application fee and deposit, your application will be complete

Availability of housing applications on UAOnline:

  • Early applications for an upcoming academic year open in January.
  • Late applications for an upcoming academic year are available after August 1st. 
  • Applications (or a waitlist form) for spring semester open in October.
  • Applications (or a waitlist form) for summer sessions open in March.

There is not a specific deadline to apply to live on campus. However, if interest in student housing is high, spaces may fill up during the summer months, in which case, Residence Life will convert to a waitlist for student housing. We encourage students to apply to live on campus as early as possible to secure a space and have a better chance of getting their preferred room type. 

Application Fees and Deposit

All students must pay an application fee and refundable* deposit at the time they apply for housing.

Fee Amount
Refundable Deposit $300
Non-refundable Application Fee for fall applications submitted on or before August 1 $60
Non-refundable Late Application Fee for fall applications submitted after August 1 $75
Application Fee for spring-only or summer-only housing $60

Students must uphold the terms of the Housing Agreement in order for the deposit to be refunded.

Once a student has moved into the UAA residential community, they will have the opportunity in the spring to renew their Housing Agreement for the following academic year during the annual Intentions Period. If students renew their agreements, they do not need to pay the application fee or deposit again and housing deposits will roll forward each academic year that the student resides on campus. If students do not renew their agreements during the Intentions Period, they'll need to reapply for campus housing and pay the application fee and deposit again.