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The University of Alaska Anchorage (UAA) Graduate School offers 6 doctoral and more than 20 Master's degree programs, and 9 graduate certificate programs. UAA offers cooperative/collaborative graduate programs with the University of Alaska Fairbanks, the University of Washington Medical School, Idaho State University, East Carolina University, and Creighton University. The Graduate School enrolls over 600 students in graduate studies from all 50 states, U.S. territories, and around the world.

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Masters and doctoral programs are available for students who have already completed a bachelor's degree. UAA offers graduate programs in the sciences, engineering, occupational therapy, project management, social work, education and more.

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Financial Aid and Funding

At UAA, many graduate students receive financial aid to help them complete their graduate studies. Some students are awarded assistantships in teaching or research which cover much of the cost of their education.

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Mentoring and Advising

The Seawolf Mentor Program pairs students with UAA alum to guide them towards success. For most programs, faculty advisors are assigned to students based on their program and what topics they choose to research.

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Graduate Funding Opportunities


The American Indian Graduate Center offers scholarships and fellowships that fund graduate and professional degrees. See 
Apply now! The Patsy Takemoto Mink Education Foundation for Low-Income Women and Children Education Support Awards application period is now open! In 2022, The Foundation will offer five Education Support Awards of up to $5000 each to assist low-income women with children who are pursuing education or training. Awardees will be notified by phone or email in late fall. 

Dates, Deadlines, and Events

Many dates and deadlines important to grad students are also on the Registration website. The following dates are specific to graduate students only.

  • July 1Deadline to register for independent and directed studies; practicum, internship, research, thesis, and open-entry courses, and continuous registration
  • July 6: Alexzandrea DePue, MS Candidate in Biological Sciences Thesis Defense. See Thesis webpage calendar for more details.
  • July 7: Brittney DePue, MS Candidate in Biological Sciences Thesis Defense. See Thesis webpage calendar for more details.
  • July 8: Amanda Zuelke, MS Candidate in Biological Sciences Thesis Defense. See Thesis webpage calendar for more details.
  • July 10: Deadline to submit Thesis, Dissertation, or Project Title Pages for approval for summer graduation.
  • July 11 - 15: Creative Writing and Literary Arts Thesis Defense Colloquia. More information to follow.
  • July 15: Vanessa  Muhlenbruch, MS Candidate in Biological Sciences. See Thesis webpage calendar for more details.
  • July 18: Levi Wegner, MS Candidate in Biological Sciences Project Defense. See Project webpage calendar for more information.
  • July 30: deadline for Thesis/Dissertation and Project Approval Forms to be submitted to the Graduate School via Docu-Sign. Theses and dissertations MUST to uploaded to ETD by July 30 for their final review and approval by the Graduate School. 

Office of the Graduate School

  • Dean's Welcome Message

    Dean’s Welcome

    Welcome to the UAA Graduate School! You have joined an exclusive community of learners and scholars excited to work with you. Your application was carefully reviewed and you were admitted for a reason. Your knowledge, skills, and commitment to academic advancement are compelling. Rest assured - you belong in the UAA Graduate School community!

    Beginning your journey in Graduate School can sometimes bring apprehension. Worries about not fitting in, angst over not having what it takes to succeed, even fear of failure may weigh on your mind. The truth is - your fears are shared by others and UAA professors are here to help you dispel any doubts about your ability to succeed. UAA professors are exceptional in their dedication to student success.

    The UAA community of learning is truly like no other and the relationships you develop in Graduate School will last a lifetime. Small class sizes help you create close bonds with peers ensuring a graduate school experience that goes beyond in-school academics. For those interested in a personal mentor, the Seawolf Mentor program pairs you with an alumni mentor in your field of study who has the experience and professional network of colleagues to help you navigate school and find the career you seek.

    Resources abound for UAA graduate students through academic support, tutoring, health and mental wellness, scholarships, and more. We, at the Graduate School, are here to support your success so please reach out to us with any question or need. It is our privilege to serve you in this important time of your life!

    Best wishes,
    Dean Mary Jo Finney


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