Student Resources and Opportunities

Association for Computing Machinery Student Club

Visit for information about upcoming student club meetings and events.

College of Engineering Student Clubs

Visit for a complete list of College of Engineering student clubs.

Microsoft Imagine

Computer Science and Computer Systems Engineering students are eligible to download Microsoft development software for free through the Microsoft Imagine program.  To get an account email Dr. Kenrick Mock.

C++ Study Materials

  1. Safari Books Online
    Consortium Library:
    Selected textbooks under "Information Technology & Software Development," "Programming," "C++"

  2. Free C++ books/tutorials online:

    Course materials

    See videos for lectures 9-11 and handouts on C++ for those who are fluent in Java

  5. MIT Open Courseware:

  6. Visual Studio Professional and other Microsoft development software available from the Microsoft Imagine program ( for an account)


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