How to Prepare for Your Test

In order to have a less stressful testing experience, we encourage you to come prepared. The following tips will help you to prepare for your tutoring session:

  • Study
    Being prepared for a test will not only greatly improve your score, but will also greatly reduce stress, even if you already understand the material.
  • Give Yourself Plenty of Time
    • Use the flexibility of Math testing to your advantage and test when it is convenient for you.
    • Test early to ensure that you can meet course deadlines.
    • Ensure that you have enough time to test. Test proctors will stop administering tests one hour prior to close, but if you like to take your time, come early and with plenty of time to meet your testing needs and preferences.
    • Don’t put off testing until the last minute, because you might run out of time.
  • Come Prepared
    • Test when you are rested, nourished, and alert.
    • Bring a pencil, an eraser, and your WolfCard or a photo ID.
    • If you will need a calculator, bring one with you. If you do not have a calculator, you may use your WolfCard to check one out from the information desk.