Trail Guides

Trail Guides for Course Design

  • Set the Route
    trail guide module: 1. set the route
    This module introduces course design. It walks you through the process of defining the goals your learners should reach and deciding how they’ll get there.
  • Make Your Course Accessible
    Trail Guides module:  2. Make Your Course Accessible
    This module introduces course accessibility. It walks you through the requirements and resources to make your course accessible for all learners.
  • Fill Your Pack 
    trail guides module: 3. FIll Your Pack
    This module walks you through the process of selecting course materials to help students learn.
  • Build a Learning Path
    trail guide module:  4. Build a Learning Path
    This module shows how to design and build a course unit that helps students master learning outcomes.
  • Track Learning
    trail guide module: 5. Track Learning
    This module guides instructors through the principles and design choices behind creating effective, meaningful student assessments.
  • Draw a Map 
    trail guide module: 6. Draw a Map
    This module shows how to prepare students for success in your course.


Project credits

This project was developed by UAA Academic Innovations & eLearning, with partial funding by the Title III Robust Online Learning grant. Please visit the Project Credits page for an extensive list of credits.