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End of Semester:
Enter Grades

Final grades are due in UAOnline generally by 11:59 pm on the Wednesday after finals. Check with your department contact to confirm the date since it is not posted in the academic calendar. Often the registrar's office will send out a reminder notice to faculty listserv about the due date to enter grades.

Please note: Late grades hold up financial, registration, and graduation for students.

This handout from the registrar's office explains how to enter grades. Only submit grades when they are final. After the grades are entered in UAOnline, a change of grade form has to be filed to change the grade. Note: the form requires your signature, your department chair's signature, and your dean's signature.  

Notes on entering grades in UAOnline:
  1. You must submit a grade for every person on your roster.
  2. If you do not know the student on your roster, assign a NB or failing grade. 
  3. Federal financial aid rules require that any grade of “F” or “NB” also have a date of last attendance. The date must be entered in MM/DD/YYYY format. For instance, if a student last attended on October 1, 2012 you would enter 10/01/2012. A best guess is fine; if a student has never attended class, you may use the first day of the semester. Note: You do not need to enter “Attend Hours”.
  4. Incomplete grades should only be assigned when a student has completed the majority of coursework. An incomplete grade contract must be filed with the your department. 
  5. Research, thesis, or project courses which may have a deferred grade, must have a DF grade assigned as a place holder.
  6. No Basis Grade
  7. A no basis (NB) grade may be used when the student has not attended or if there is insufficient student progress and/or attendance for evaluation to occur. NB is a permanent grade and may not be used to substitute for the incomplete grade. It cannot be removed later by completing outstanding work. Faculty are requested to submit a last date of attendance in conjunction with this grade (best guess is fine). For students who have never attended the class, please use the first day of your class. Faculty are not required to use the no basis grade and may instead assign a failing grade.
See the FAQ from the registrar answers questions and problems about online grading.