Spring 2007: Community Service Learning Advocates

by Kathleen McCoy  |   

The UAA Center for Community Engagement and Learning announces its Spring 2007 Community Service Learning Advocates. These students play key roles in supporting faculty in the development and delivery of community based learning, research, or creative activities at UAA.

Tapia Hansen Tapia Hansen is working with Biology Professor Allison Butler to investigate which endocrine-disrupting chemicals are found in indoor facilities and outside properties on UAA's campus. She will identify safe and affordable alternatives to the inventoried toxins. This research is the basis for an educational campaign that promotes safer products and practices through community and campus forums. Local community partners include Alaska Community Action on Toxics and Green Star.

Jean Kollantai Jean Kollantai is working with Russian Studies Professor Susan Kalina to coordinate students and projects in the service-learning Russian A302 course. She collaborates with several community partners to join students and community members together and create a stronger network of the Russian community. Jean will not only follow up with students but also community members in creating a strong and fluid connection between UAA and the community.

Tiffany Lee Tiffany Lee is working with Paralegal Studies Professor Pamela Kelley preparing for the Fall 2007 service-learning course, PARL A238: Civil Procedure. She is conducting research on child custody cases when family violence has been a factor. Tiffany's work with these, the most needy cases, will be very helpful for pro bono legal agencies. Tiffany's research duties enables Professor Kelley to focus on instilling a sense of giving back to the community to these paralegal students during their earliest stages of seeking employment in the legal field. They will make a difference for the disadvantaged in the local community and statewide.

Jerelyn Miyashiro Jerelyn Miyashiro is assisting Art Professor Herminia Din in partnering with the ReCreation Afterschool Art Program at Congregation Beth Sholom Education Center. Together they are creating art lessons for students to express themselves in creative ways. They will plan and create several community-based art projects. This initiative will strengthen a connection between UAA Art Education and the Anchorage community and will hopefully be able to continue in the future.

Nicole See Nicole See is working with Professor Allison Butler to oversee a service-learning project aimed at educating campus and community members and reducing their exposure to common endocrine-disrupting chemicals. She is recruiting Biological Sciences A111 & A112 lab students, aiding and coordinating them in their Campus Action to Reduce Environmental Toxins project proposals, and providing feedback to the students. Nicole will establish relationships between community partners and students. Ruth Sensenig Ruth Sensenig, a returning Community Service-Learning Advocate, is continuing her UAA writing-tutoring collaborations at East High School. This semester, Ruth's new focus is at the Anchorage Literacy Project where she is co-teaching with English Professor Jennifer Ritter. Ruth will help other UAA English students involved in Professor Ritter's English A452 English Grammar and Language Teaching course to become even more effective communicators with the clientele for a 10-week class period.

The deadline for proposing projects for the Fall 2007 Semester is Sept. 6. For more information visit engage.uaa.alaska.edu or email afna@uaa.alaska.edu

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