New postage rates go into effect on May 12

by Kathleen McCoy  |   

The price for a one-ounce First-Class stamp will increase from 41 to 42 cents on May 12. Prices for other mailing services, such as standard mail, periodicals, package services (including single-piece parcel post) and special services will also change (see chart below). The average increase by class of mail is at or below the rate of inflation as measured by the Consumer Price Index.

"The Postal Service developed the Forever Stamp for consumers to ease the transition during price changes," said Postmaster General John Potter. "We encourage Americans to buy Forever Stamps now for 41 cents, because like the name suggests, they are good forever."

The Postal Service has sold 5 billion Forever Stamps since the launch last April and plans to have an additional 5 billion in stock to meet the expected demand before the May price change.

Effective May 12
First-Class Mail Letter (1 oz.) 41¢ to 42¢
First-Class Mail Letter (2 oz.) 58¢ to 59¢
Postcard 26¢ to 27¢
Large Envelope (2 oz.) 97¢ to $1.00
Money Orders (up to $500) $1.05 to $1.05
Certified Mail $2.65 to $2.70

First-Class Mail International Letter
(1 oz. to Canada and Mexico) 69¢ to 72¢

First-Class Mail International Letter
(1 oz. to other countries) 90¢ to 94¢

Consistent with a new law, prices for mailing services will be adjusted annually each May. The Postal Service plans to provide a 90-day notice before the price changes each year. New prices for shipping services, including Express Mail and Priority Mail, will be announced in March. Prices for all postal products and services are available at

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