Thank you from Willow Crest Elementary

by Kathleen McCoy  |   

Willow Crest Elementary On Feb. 13, Chancellor Ulmer visited Willow Crest Elementary School, the beneficiary of donations from UAA's Community Campaign this year. The Chancellor talked to a 2nd grade class about the benefits of reading, getting an education and going to college, and the students were excited to share stories from their reading books with the Chancellor and other UAA staff.

One of the new incentive options in the UAA Community Campaign was to donate essential school supplies to Willow Crest, and 137 staff and faculty took advantage of this opportunity. Pencils, markers, paper, scissors, books of all kinds, jump ropes, footballs, basketballs, agility cones, frisbies, and other items will go to the school's neediest students. Many of the supplies were purchased at Costco, which donated $200 more in materials as a match to UAA's donation.

Borders Books provided a discount for books purchased there, and The Sports Authority offered great deals on the sporting equipment. The UAA Bookstore donated many composition notebooks, and Enrollment Services contributed 500 mood pencils with the UAA logo. In addition, half of the donated items from the UAA Classified Council Winter Clothing Drive went to Willow Crest School.

This innovative incentive option was a pilot project for UAA, and its overwhelming success guarantees this approach will continue next year. This outpouring of support, both from UAA and from corporate sponsors, shows that the community cares about its citizens.

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