2008 Symphony of Sounds

by Kathleen McCoy  |   

UAA's 12th Annual Symphony of Sounds, scheduled for Friday and Saturday, Feb. 29 and March 1, is a single tapestry of music, an unusual amalgamation of styles from classical to jazz, from large ensembles to soloists. It is played without applause or other interruption in a non-stop collage of musical contrasts, accented lighting and dramatic staging.

Each of UAA's combos -- the jazz, clarinet, brass, percussion and guitar ensembles as well as the University Singers, Sinfonia and Wind Ensemble -- will perform, as will soloists. The Symphony of Sounds is a unique take on the concert experience. It is one of Alaska's outstanding showcases for young musicians, and UAA music majors generally fall all over themselves to compete to be in it.

Each show starts at 7:30 p.m.

The program for each evening is the same, including highlights like Milhaud's "Scaramouche" for Piano Four Hands; beautiful arias sung by Amber Gauthier and Justin Burchell; a moving guitar solo played by Scott Fitzpatrick; a humorous modern flute solo performed by Rebecca See; music by the UAA Brass Quartet and Clarinet Ensemble; and a dramatic performance of Aaron Copland's "Canticle of Freedom" by the University Wind Ensemble and University Singers.

One of the Symphony of Sounds' most popular attractions is the annual baton auction each evening, after which the winner takes the music maestro's wand and conducts the Wind Ensemble in a rousing rendition of the UAA Fight Song.

Tickets for the Symphony of Sounds are available from CenterTix.net or at the Box Office in the UAA Fine Arts Building (786-4849). Ticket prices are $20 for balcony seating and $15 for lower-level seating. All proceeds from the concerts will benefit the UAA Music Endowment. For more information, please contact Mark Wolbers at 786-1508 or afmew@uaa.alaska.edu.

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