Summer 2008: Safety tips for cyclists and motorists

by Kathleen McCoy  |   

With the recent increase in the price of gasoline and diesel, UAA has seen an increase in bicycle traffic on campus. It's great to see so many people out on their bikes!

As a reminder, we'd like to ask people to be mindful of the different types of traffic when traveling on campus. Both motorists and cyclists share the responsibility for heightened awareness of each other and the safety needs of all campus users.

Good safety tips for cyclists include the following points:

  • Cyclists should be visible to motorists by wearing light colored clothing. As the hours of daylight shorten, wearing reflective garments will enhance visibility along with a front and back bike light.
  • Be sure to pedal defensively, anticipating that you may not be seen by most motorists.
  • Obey the posted traffic signs.
  • Stay alert and avoid using headphones while biking.
  • While on the bike paths, pedal to the right and recognize that many pedestrians may not hear you approaching, even if you have a bell. Alert pedestrians and other bikers of your intent to pass by saying "passing on your left."
  • Wear a helmet.
  • Check your equipment to see that it is operating properly. The UAA Bike Club is a great resource for that annual tune up.
  • Use hand signals to alert motorists of your intentions.

Good safety tips for motorists include the following points:

  • Motorists and cyclists should have mutual respect for use of the road--share!
  • Watch for pedestrians and cyclists.
  • Stop at the stop sign instead of in the crosswalk. Take a moment to scan the walkway to your right and left of the intersection for approaching bikes.

Biking to campus will save you money and increase your fitness level. Join UAA's emerging bike culture!

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