News Release: Legislators Form University of Alaska Boosters Caucus

by Kathleen McCoy  |   

Group Will Advocate for Legislation and Funding for Alaska's University

(ANCHORAGE) -- Today, Representative Nancy Dahlstrom, Representative Anna Fairclough, Senator Johnny Ellis, and Senator Joe Thomas announced the creation of the University of Alaska Boosters Caucus. A Statement of Purpose signed by the four Legislators, who will serve as co-chairs, reads, "The University is a key economic driver for the state, and growing our own Alaskan workforce is a crucial part of our future in fields as diverse as health care, engineering, education, and resource development. The UA Boosters Caucus supports the growth and development of the University system -- from student success and accessibility to the community campus mission to world-leading research."

The UA Boosters Caucus joins a number of other traditional caucuses in the Alaska Legislature, such as the Bush Caucus, the Sportsmen's Caucus, and the Health Caucus. The inaugural meeting of the UA Boosters Caucus will take place in Juneau, during the first weeks of the 2010 legislative session. The inaugural members of the UA Boosters Caucus are Senator Dennis Egan, Senator Hollis French, Representative Berta Gardner, Representative Carl Gatto, Representative David Guttenberg, Representative Lindsey Holmes, Representative Mike Kelly, Senator Linda Menard, Representative Cathy Munoz, Senator Joe Paskvan, Representative Pete Petersen, Representative Jay Ramras, Senator Gary Stevens, and Senator Bill Wielechowski.

For more information, please contact Joe Hardenbrook in Sen. Thomas' office at (907) 456-8161, Kim Skipper in Rep. Fairclough's office at (907) 694-8944, Susan Wallen in Rep. Dahlstrom's office at (907) 622-3783 or Max Hensley in Sen. Ellis' office at (907) 269-0169.

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