Spring 2010 Cabin Fever Debates

by Kathleen McCoy  |   

The teams advancing to the semifinals of the Cabin Fever Debates are only one round away from being determined. On Feb. 16, rounds five and six of the competition were held. The team of Team Doofkin -- Brittany Bennett (sophomore, chemistry) and Leland Miller (junior, chemistry) took first place, earning an automatic bid to the semifinal round on March 2. Joining Team Doofkin in the semifinal will be the winners of Round 6, team Arbitrary, Catherine Helle (sophomore, English) and Peter Finn (senior, economics).

The Seawolf Debate Team is proud to sponsor final two preliminary rounds on Feb. 23 at 7 and 8:30 p.m. in SSB 118. The first debate will address the motion, "The United States should end governmental support for manned space exploration." Defending the motion in the role of 1st Proposition will be the team "Guns 'N Roses" of Ashley Bilyeu (freshman, psychology) and Anastasia Durkina (graduate student, languages). Closing the debate for the proposition will be "The Cars" of Rebekah Williams (freshman, undeclared) and Sandy Johnson (freshman, nursing). Opening the opposition debate will be "Team Yellow Yellow" of Adrian Schnyder (sophomore, international studies) and PJ Fanco (freshman, undeclared). The 2nd Opposition team will be team "North Star" of Elise Schapira (freshman, accounting) and Max Wright (freshman, undeclared).

Round 8 will feature the teams of: 1st Proposition "Singularity" -- Victoria Yancey (freshman, biology) and Ben Nilsson (sophomore, computer science); 1st Opposition "Inertia" -- Janelle Sharp (freshman, chemistry) and Jeremiah Stack (sophomore, electrical engineering); 2nd Proposition "your friends, the cosmonauts" -- Jonathan Stinson (freshman, political science) and Matthew Stinson (freshman, history); and 2nd Opposition "Huey Lewis & The News" -- Jordan Tatum (junior, economics and political science) and Matthew Fox (sophomore, economics). They will be debating the motion, "The State of Alaska should support the use of nuclear energy to address the energy needs of Rural Alaska" at 8:30 p.m.

For more information about the Cabin Fever Debates, visit cabinfeverdebates.uaa.alaska.edu.

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