Provost Driscoll visits Kodiak

by Kathleen McCoy  |   


UAA Provost Mike Driscoll and UA Regent Kirk Wickersham


UAA Provost Driscoll and University of Alaska Board of Regent Kirk Wickersham are pictured as they toured the new $6.1 million Kodiak Harbor Boat Lift, which will enable medium and large craft (100+ tons) to be hauled out of the water for repairs, as opposed to formerly needing to travel to Sitka or Seattle. The Boat Lift is a 15-year-long dream of Harbormaster Marty Owen, which in addition to being more convenient to industry, will also bring much needed economic diversity to Kodiak, ensuring continued employment in workforce areas of welding as well as other construction and vocational trades such as refrigeration, electrical and HVAC.


UA Regent Kirk Wickersham at Kodiak College


In addition to the harbor tour, Provost Driscoll and Regent Wickersham were invited to view the high school welding lab. The high school students pictured in the welding shop (Shannon Armstrong, grade 9; Ryder Rouss, grade 11; and Anthony Miranda, grade 11) are currently enrolled in high school Dual Credit Tech Prep courses, receiving both high school and college credit for courses completed. These students were being tested by a visiting welding inspector for their certifications. As part of their certificate and/or degree program, Kodiak College provides a welding inspector to site-test the students. Kodiak College invites other businesses in the community to encourage welders to take recertification tests during the inspector's visits for a reasonable testing fee. This allows companies employing welders to save a substantial amount of money by not having the travel expenses of flying to Anchorage, the next closest testing site.

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