Dec. 21, 2012: Administrative Services office closures

by Jamie Gonzales  |   

Administrative Services will be holding a division-wide meeting on Tuesday, Dec. 21. Please see the list of office closures below.

Closed at 12 p.m.:

  • Office of the Vice Chancellor for Administrative Services

Closed at 2 p.m.:

  • Athletics Office
  • Budget Office
  • Environmental Health and Safety
  • Facilities Maintenance and Operations (will respond to emergencies through UPD), Planning and Construction
  • Financial Services - Accounts Payable/Travel, Accounts Receivable, Cashiering, Wolfcard/Financial Systems
  • General Support Services - Mail Room, Central Receiving, Copy & Print Services, Surplus
  • Human Resource Services
  • Parking Services 
  • Sustainability/Recycling (will complete off-campus recycling pick-ups before closing)


  • Bookstore
  • Housing/Dining
  • Payroll
  • University Police Department
  • Wells Fargo Sports Complex
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