Classified Council and APT staff invited to take survey

by Kathleen McCoy  |   

If you are a Classified Council or APT employee at UAA, your governance groups are making plans for next year. They'd like input on what matters to you most. To that end, they've created a brief survey (5-10 minutes) to find out. Results will be compiled and presented to the two councils and administrators at the upcoming fall retreat.

Find a link to the survey in your work email; the email was sent to the Governance listserv with a subject line that reads UAA STAFF SURVEY. If you do not find this email, contact Kimberly Swiantek at

We value your opinion and thank you for your participation. As we move through the upcoming academic year, please seek out the council members when you have questions, ideas, or concerns. We are a voice and resource for all employees on campus.

For more information about employee governance, please visit:

Thank you!
Connie Dennis
Classified Council President

Melodee Monson
APT Council President

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