Human services practice requires multicultural understanding and respect of clients through a collaborative relationship founded upon a developmental model. Specific skill courses are combined with practicum and strengthened through conceptual coursework in human services. Practicum placements provide students agency-based learning experiences directly related to the human services profession. Entrance into the human services practicum requires admission to the degree, successful completion of specified courses and recommendation by the human services faculty academic advisor. 


Practicum is unavailable during the Summer semester.

Registration for Practicum is available only to students whose names are submitted by the Human Services Department Practicum Specialist.

In order to have their names submitted for registration, students must complete their application in the Fall or Spring semester prior to enrollment into practicum.  (See Deadlines Below). 

See the Human Services Department Handbook for a detailed description of all practicum processes, including timelines.


Application deadline for Fall 2016 placement has passed.

October 6, 2017
  • Spring 2018 Application Deadline
March 9, 2018
  • Fall 2018 Application Deadline
Practicum Forms

Practicum I & II are required for the AAS in Human Services.
Practicum III is required for the BHS in Human Services.

The Department follows strict guidelines dictated by the accrediting body for Human Services Programs (CSHSE).
Students must meet ALL prerequisites to be  admitted.

Practicum I - HUMS A295A Prerequisites:
  • Admission to Human Services AAS Degree Program
  • The following courses must be completed with a grade C or better:
      • HUMS A101 Introduction to Human Services
      • HUMS A185 Introduction to Field Work
      • HUMS A223 Introduction to Paraprofessional Counseling I 
      • ENGL A111 Methods of Written Communication
        (completed or concurrently enrolled)
Practicum II - HUMS A295B Prerequisites:
  • HUMS A295A Human Services Practicum I (with a grade C or better)
Practicum III - Human Services A495 Prerequisites:
  • Admission to the Bachelor of Human Services Degree Program (note - students cannot apply for Practicum III the same semester they apply for the BHS program)
  • Senior standing (90+ credits)
  • HUMS A295B Practicum II (with a grade C or better)
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