Services and Pricing

Dental Clinic Services

Our dental assisting and dental hygiene students provide dental services to students, staff, faculty, and community members during the academic year from September through April (note: dental assisting services are offered March and April only). Costs are less than private dental practices; however, the time needed to complete each service takes longer. X-rays are taken only at the request of the on-site dentist or with written approval from a personal dentist. See below for a full list of services offered and the cost for each service. Complex dental cases are seen on a case-by-case basis. 

Note: the dental clinic does not perform extractions, root canals, emergency services, crowns, or provide nightguards. Please contact your private dentist, Anchorage Neighborhood Health Center, 211 United Way, or attend our Dental Days event. 

Dental Assisting Service Cost
Limited Dental Exam $50
Fillings/Restorations $120 - $150
Sealant - per tooth $30
X-Rays/Radiographs* (patients not of record; prescription from AK Licensed dentist required for exposure)  
     Full Mouth Series (FMX) $75
    Intraoral - first image/each additional image $15/$10
     Bitewing - single/2 to 4 images/7 to 8 images $20/$40/$60
     Panoramic film $50
Missed/Canceled appointment $25
Dental Hygiene Service Cost*
Adult New Patient Screening and X-Rays $25
 Adult Prophy $60
 Adult Comprehensive Perio Assessment (stand-alone assessment) $25
Adult Perio Maintenance $75
Adult Perio Therapy (1-3 teeth) $75/quad
Adult Perio Therapy (at least 4 teeth) (maximum fee of $300) $75/quad
Moderate-Severe Gingivitis  $60
Full Mouth Periodontal Gross Debridement (rarely used in our clinic) $150
Child (11 and under) and Youth (12-17 years) New and Established Patient  with X-Rays $60
X-Rays/Radiographs* (patients not of record; prescription from AK Licensed dentist required for exposure)  
     2 Bitewings $40
     4 Bitewings $50
     7 Vertical Bitewings $60
     Full Mouth Series (FMX) $75
     PANO $50

*Published fee schedule is for the 2017-2018 and may be subject to change.


Payment for treatment is expected at the end of each visit. Payment can be made with check, money order, most major credit cards, or cash. Our clinics do not file or accept health insurance, however we can provide documentation of your visit.

*The x-rays are kept with the patient's file. A copy of the patient's x-rays/records can be sent to a dentist of choice with written authorization from the patient. Please allow at least two weeks for x-rays and records to be duplicated for transfer. Requests for additional copies of patient x-rays/records are $25 per request.