Services and Pricing

Dental Clinic Services

Our dental clinic provides an assortment of treatments at a discounted price. Our clinic can provide basic cleanings (adult prophylaxis and periodontal maintenance), periodontal therapy (aka. SRP), and fillings during our spring semester (April-May). 

It may take two or more appointments to ensure complete and thorough treatment. Each appointment may last up to four hours. The services rendered by our students are carefully observed and evaluated by faculty members, therefore treatment proceeds more slowly than in a private office.

The advancement of our students and successful treatment depends on your commitment and ability to keep all scheduled appointments.

In the event you must change or cancel an appointment, please give the clinic at least 24 hours advance notice. Due to limited appointment times available, we may be unable to reschedule missed or canceled appointments.

Our clinic does not perform emergency services, extractions, root canals, crowns, bridges, or provide nightguards. Please contact a private dental practice, Anchorage Neighborhood Health Center, or 211 United Way.


Payment is required once the treatment begins and the treatment is all out-of-pocket. Payment can be completed with Cash, Check, or Card (American Express, VISA, Discover, MasterCard, or Apple Pay). Our clinic does not accept any forms of insurance or Seawolves cards. 

Dental screening, assessments, and x-rays are included in the treatment price listed below for patients completing treatment with the clinic. However, if the appointment is to obtain x-rays ONLY, those are out-of-pocket with the prices listed below. 

Our clinic is able to release images and records to personal emails or private practices, but it is required to fill out a Release of Information prior to the request. We are also able to print out invoices to make claims to insurance companies.


Dental Service  Cost
New Adult Appointment: Screening, assessments, and x-rays are included in final treatment price  
Screening $0
Comprehensive Periodontal Assessment $0
Oral Hygiene Instruction $0
Periodic Oral Evaluation $0
Limited Evaluation $0
Oral Hygiene Instruction $0
Prophylaxis  $60 (one time fee)
Moderate-Severe Gingivitis Treatment (full mouth) $75
Periodontal Maintenance  $75 (one time fee)
Periodontal Therapy (list teeth - 1-3 teeth) (charge is per quad - up to 4 quads) $75 ($300 max/complete treatment)
Sealant  $25 (per tooth)
Pediatric / Youth Patient Appointment  
Comprehensive Periodontal Assessment $0
Oral Hygiene Instruction $0
Prophylaxis 11 and younger / 12 and older $40 / $60 (one time fee)
Sealant  $25 (per tooth)
Adult X-Rays (Note: x-rays are included if coming in for treatment. Prices below are for single service.)  
FMX $75
Bitewings (4 images) $40
Vertical Bitewings (7/8 images) $60
Panoramic Films $50
Intraoral PA (first image) $15
Intraoral PA (additional images) $10
Missed Appointments $25
Cancelled Appointments (less than 24 hours notice) $25