Chynna Lockett

Communications Coordinator
College of Health
PSB 234J


Bachelor of Arts, Mass Communications, Black Hills State University (2016)


Chynna is an experienced storyteller from the midwest. She got her start in Public Radio where she was responsible for researching, writing, interviewing, producing and voicing stories for air. Her other focuses include video production, photography, live audio production and website design. She was a contributor to National Native News, sharing stories from other South Dakotans.

In 2020 she accepted a job at an Indigenous-led nonprofit and worked behind the scenes assisting tribal organizers with grant funding for their food sovereignty efforts. She helped develop a website to bring by-and-for traditional knowledge online allowing students to access information during COVID-19.

Chynna does freelance website development, creating visual and written content to meet the needs of clients. She has spent time volunteering with LGBTQIA+ organizations and volunteering as an advocate for women facing violence, victims and survivors of Missing and Murdered Indigenous People, and unhoused people who’s resources were defunded during COVID-19.

At the University of Alaska, she’s combining her interests and experience working with the Division of Population Health Sciences, Department of Human Services, Justice Center and School of Social Work. In her free time, Chynna can be found hovering over her sewing machines, rollerblading, rockhounding, looking for the northern lights and sometimes even scuba diving.

Career History/Work Experience

  • Communications Coordinator, UAA (2023-Current)
  • Remote Connections Specialist, Zillow (2021-2023)
  • Long Term Solutions Coordinator, Partnership with Native Americans (2020-2021)
  • Journalist, South Dakota Public Broadcasting (2017—2020)
  • Freelance Journalism--National Native News, National Public Radio (2015-2020)
  • Radio Journalism Internship, South Dakota Public Broadcasting (2015—2016)