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Helping Alaskan Native Elders live fully in their communities of choice. 

Alaska‚Äôs National Resource Center for Alaska Native Elders is unique in its orientation and focus.  It undertakes training, action projects, research, and collaboration for building the resource base supporting positive aging across the state.  Its focus on positive aging makes it distinctive. Even though elders and their families and key supporters may face numerous challenges, the center places these challenges in its own process of resource development.  From concept to action, the center stands for inclusion of Alaska Native Elders in the process of creating, disseminating, and fostering use of the practical resources the use of can promote positive aging.

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Alaska Native Dancers in Traditional Native clothing



Elders' Perspective on How To Age Successfully 

Hands of Alaska Native working on a craft project

 Senior Voice Article Written by Dr. Jordan Lewis

Dr. Jordan Lewis wrote an articel for the Senior Voice

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Letter from Director


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Letter from Director

A letter from NRC Director, Dr. Jordan Lewis

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