Academic Calendar and Other Academic Deadlines


  • Curriculum, Assessment Plans, and Academic Policy

    Curriculum, Assessment Plans, and Academic Policy Deadlines

    These are deadlines for submission to Governance. Please keep in mind that all appropriate department and college level approvals must be obtained before the below deadlines.  The curriculum deadlines do not guarantee inclusion in the next UAA schedule and/or catalog, as this will depend on the workload of the different review bodies.  For this reason, we encourage you to submit documents earlier than the final deadlines.

    September 15

    Course Changes to Teach New Version in Following Fall - Due to Governance using CIM system

    This is not a new deadline. After this deadline, programs may request fall implementation, which will require additional work on the schedule.

    October 15

    Deadline for items requiring Board of Regents approval for following fall implementation

    New Program Proposals - Program catalog copy, any new or changed courses that go along with the program, and the assessment plan for the new program are due to Governance using CIM system. Programs are encouraged to consolidate assessment plans for like programs. If the new program is stackable with an existing program, consider revising the current assessment plan to include the new program rather than creating a separate plan for the new program. (The sample plan [i.e., course sequencing document] is also due; please contact Academic Affairs for that process.)

    Academic Program Name Changes - Memo stating the current program name, the proposed program name, and the rationale for the change due to Governance

    January 15

    New Courses and Existing Program Changes - Due to Governance using CIM system

    Changes to Program Student Learning Outcomes or Assessment Plans  - Due to Governance using CIM system

    March 1

    Academic Policy Actions - Due to Governance using Word document with track changes

    For questions about these deadlines, please contact the Office of Academic Affairs. 

    Updated 8/16/23


  • Program Review and Program Student Learning Outcomes Assessment

    Program Review Deadlines

    For deadlines and a general outline of the process, please see the Program Review website.

    Assessment Reporting

    September 15 - Academic Assessment Seminar, 10:00-11:00, LIB 307 and Zoom

    Deans/designees, community campus directors/designees, chairs, and assessment coordinators will want to attend to learn about the revised report form and revised biennial cycle.

    November 15 - Programs submit Assessment Reports to the dean.

    With the change to biennial assessment, about half of programs will report. This will be covered in the Assessment Seminar, and coordinators will be informed of what year their reports are due.

    January 15 - Deans submit feedback to the programs.

    Using the form, deans submit feedback to the programs, with a copy to for posting, and appropriate community campus director(s).

    For questions about these deadlines, please contact the Office of Academic Affairs. 

    Updated 8/18/23



  • Faculty Services

    Faculty Services Deadlines

    This calendar is specifically for the Faculty Services Office and Union due dates. Please check with your Dean’s/Director’s office for dates specific to each college/school as these may be different from listed here. Some things may be due to the Dean’s/Director’s office for signatures prior to being submitted in the Faculty Services Office. School of Nursing may have different semester start and end dates. Check on the Faculty Services website for default IDEA student survey dates. If you have any questions or concerns pertaining to the academic calendar, please contact the Provost's Office at 786-1050.

    Updated 8/16/23