Academic Program Review

Program review serves several purposes at UAA.  It provides an opportunity for faculty to reflect on their programs, with a particular focus on student learning and success, and to make recommendations regarding program improvement. It also provides an opportunity for faculty to highlight areas of strength and to demonstrate how the program is meeting state needs by graduating students with credentials that contribute, specifically and generally, to the workforce of Alaska. Finally, it provides programs a direct opportunity to discuss program resources and is an opportunity for programs to establish an action plan for moving forward.

All academic programs and units at UAA are required by Board of Regents Policy P10.06.010 to engage in program review on a seven-year cycle. University Regulation R10.06.010 sets out the minimum requirements for program review, including centrality of program mission, quality, demand, program productivity, effectiveness, and efficiency.  The UAA process integrates information about student learning outcomes assessment and the improvement of student learning, as well as progress on student success measures and the closing of equity gaps, aligning program efforts and resources with institutional priorities.  Final decisions include commendations and recommendations, which guide future program efforts.  The results of cyclical Academic Program Review are reported to the UA Board of Regents annually and are published on the UAA Program Review website. See the Timeline and Responsibilities document for a general outline of the process.

Program Review Seven-Year Schedule

  • Program Review Seven-Year Schedule

    Schedule: The table below projects the program reviews over a seven-year cycle.

    Type of Review: The seven-year schedule on this site indicates all reporting that is due, including Interim Progress Reports (IPR), Follow-up Reviews (FPR), or regularly scheduled Program Reviews (PR).

    See the academic year buttons for detailed information.

    Type of Review Key:     PR - Program Review   FPR - Follow-up Program Review   IPR - Interim Progress Report

    AY24 AY25 AY26 AY27 AY28 AY29 AY30
    Civil Engineering (BS-MS) - PR Anthropology (OEC-BA-BS-MA) - PR Biological Sciences (OEC-BA-BS-MS) - PR Air Traffic Control (AAS) - PR Accounting (OEC-AAS) - PR Art (BA-BFA) - PR Natural Sciences (BS) - PR
    Culinary Arts (AAS-OEC) - PR Applied Technologies Leadership (BS) - FPR Children's Mental Health (GC) - PR Alaska Native Studies (OEC-UC-AA) - PR Accounting (BBA) - PR Communication (BA) - PR  
    Electrical Engineering (BS) - PR Apprenticeship Technology (AAS) - PR Clinical Psychology (MS) - PR Aviation Maint Tech (UC-AAS) - PR Architectural and Engineering Tech (AAS) - PR Comp Science (BA-BS), Comp Syst Engineering (BS) - PR  
    Geomatics (OEC-AAS-BS) - PR Comp Syst & Net Tech (AAS), Cisco Net Assoc (OEC) - FPR Clinical-Community Psychology (PHD) - PR Aviation Tech (BS) - PR Automotive Technology (OEC-UC-AAS) - PR Comp Syst & Net Tech (AAS), Cisco Net Assoc (OEC) - PR  
    Global Logistics and Supply Chain Mgmt (BBA) - FPR Construction Mgmt (OEC-AAS-BS) - PR Early Childhood Development and Education (OEC-AAS-BA) - PR Chemistry (BS) - PR Diesel Power Technology (UC-AAS) - PR Diagnostic Med Sonography & Radiologic Tech (AAS) - PR  
    Mechanical Engineering (BS-MS) - PR Corrections (OEC-UC) - FPR Fire and Emergency Svcs Tech (AAS) - PR Ed Leadership (GC-MED) - PR Economics (BA) - PR Justice (BA) - PR  
    Med Lab Science (AAS-BS) & Phlebotomist (OEC) - FPR Dental Hygiene (BS) - PR Health Sciences (OEC-BS) - PR General Management (GC-MBA) - PR Economics (BBA) - PR Philosophy (BA) - PR  
    Music (BA-BM) - PR Dietetics and Nutrition (BS-MS) - PR Legal Studies (AAS-BA-PBCT) - PR General Program (AA) & General Sciences (AS) - PR Finance (BBA) - PR Project Management (GC-MS) - PR  
      English (OEC-BA) - PR Medical Office Coding & Medical Assisting (OEC-AAS) - PR Geological Sciences (BS-MS) - PR General Business (OEC-AAS) - PR Public Health Practice (GC-MPH)  - PR  
      Global Logistics and Supply Chain Mgmt (MS) - PR Nursing (AAS-BS) - PR Kinesiology (BS) - PR Graphic Design (OEC) - PR    
      History (BA) - PR  Nursing (DNP) - PR Language and Literacy Education (GC) - PR Journalism and Public Comm (BA) - PR    
      Hospitality (OEC) - PR Occupational Safety and Health (OEC-AAS-BS) - PR Mathematics (BA-BS) - PR Management (OEC-BBA) - PR    
      Human Services (OEC-AAS-BHS) - PR Pharmacy Technology (OEC) - PR Nursing (GC-MS) - PR Marine Service Technology (OEC) - PR    
      Indust Process Instr, Process Tech, Petro Tech (OEC-UC-AAS) - PR Political Science (BA) - FPR Outdoor Leadership (UC-AAS) - PR Marketing (BBA) - PR    
      International Studies (BA) - PR Pre-Medical Studies (PBCT) - PR Paramedical Technology (AAS) - PR Millwright (OEC) - PR    
      Languages (BA) - PR Psychology (OEC-BA-BS) - PR Professional Piloting (AAS) - PR      
      Physical Therapist Assistant (AAS) - PR Refrigeration and Heating (OEC) - PR Public Administration (MPA) - PR      
      Teaching and Learning (MED) - PR Speech-Language Pathology (AAS-PBCT) - PR Public Policy (MPP) - PR      
      Technology (AAS) - FPR Surgical Technology (AAS) - PR Social Work (OEC-BSW) - PR      
        Veterinary Assisting (OEC) - PR Social Work (MSW) - PR       
        Welding and Nondestructive Testing (OEC-UC) - PR Special Education (GC-MED) - PR      

 Current Program Reviews

  • AY24 Academic Program Review

    AY24 Program Reviews (Regular and Follow-up)

    Type of Review Key:     PR - Program Review   FPR - Follow-up Program Review   IPR - Interim Progress Report

    Dates:     March 1 - Program Report   April 1 - Dean Response   April 8 - Optional Program Response   August 1 - Provost Decision

    Documents: In the fall, each program receives a customized, fillable form with previous recommendations and other information pre-loaded.

    Program(s) and Type of Review Final Report and Review
    Civil Engineering (BS-MS) - PR TBD
    Culinary Arts (AAS-OEC) - PR
    AAS Culinary Arts
    OEC Culinary Arts
    Electrical Engineering (BS) - PR TBD
    Geomatics (OEC-AAS-BS) - PR
    OEC Geographic Information Systems
    AAS Geomatics

    BS Geomatics

    Global Logistics and Supply Chain Mgmt (BBA) - FPR

    Mechanical Engineering (BS-MS) - PR TBD

    Med Lab Sciences (AAS-BS) & Phlebotomist (OEC) - FPR
    OEC Phlebotomist
    AAS Medical Laboratory Technology
    BS Medical Laboratory Science

    Music (BA-BM) - PR TBD

Previous Program Reviews 

 Program Reviews AY2020 forward are accessible, and are posted here.

UAA Program Review Reports to the Board of Regents