Academic Program Review

Program review serves several purposes at UAA. It provides an opportunity for faculty to systematically talk about their curriculum and program, reflect on what has happened over the past several years, make recommendations regarding program improvement, and to voice their resource needs. It incorporates the annual process of Program Student Learning Outcomes Assessment, and allows faculty to examine whether or not ongoing improvements based on assessment findings have improved student learning over time. Program review is also an opportunity for administrators with responsibility for the program to review the program for performance and effectiveness and to engage the faculty in conversation about program quality and the program's goals for its future. 

All academic programs and units at UAA are required by Board of Regents Policy P10.06.010 to engage in program review on a seven-year cycle. University Regulation R10.06.010 sets out the minimum requirements for program review, including centrality of program mission, quality, demand, program productivity, effectiveness, and efficiency. Exceptional reviews may be conducted, per University Policy and Regulation, and with the provost's approval.