David Yesner

David Yesner

PhD, University of Connecticut; MA, University of Connecticut; BA, Cornell University

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Dr Yesner is an accomplished author in his field. Previously doing research in the Northeastern united States and in Cyprus, an island in the Mediterranean south of turkey, he is currently conducting studies at three major research sites: the 12,000 year-old Broken Mammoth sire near Delta Junction, the Knik Historic Town site near Wasilla, and the Boisman2 site near Vladivostok, Russia. He is the past editor of the Newsletter of the Alaska Anthropological Association, an associate editor of the Newsletter of the Society for Archaeological Sciences, and book review editor for Northeastern Anthropology.


 Humans at the End of the Ice AgeHumans at the End of the Ice Age

This book chronicles and explores the significance of the variety of cultural responses to the global environmental changes at the last glacial-interglacial boundary. Contributions address the nature and consequences of the global climate changes accompanying the end of the Pleistocene epoch-detailing the nature, speed, and magnitude of the human adaptations that culminated in the development of food production in many parts of the world.
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Arctic Anthropology Arctic Anthropology, Vol 35, No 1

Arctic Anthropology is an international journal devoted to the study of Old and New World northern cultures and peoples. Archaeology, ethnology, physical anthropology, and related disciplines are represented, with emphasis on: studies of specific cultures of the arctic. This issue features Dr Douglas Veltre, Dr David Yesner, and Dr William Workman from UAA's Anthropology Department.