Student Account Charges

Paying for Your Course Materials

You have two options for paying for course materials; pay out of pocket using a credit card during check out or charge your student account.

Purchases in the online bookstore can be completed using a student account charge, that is, a charge is placed in your student account along with your tuition and fees. Payment for any and all bookstore charges on your student account is due by the university's payment deadline and is subject to the same late fees as tuition, fees, and housing. Your student account charge allowance is calculated at $55 per credit, please see eligibility criteria below. See Important Dates to view opening and closing dates for student account charges.

sample student account charge limit

How to Charge Your Student Account

During checkout, choose how much of your order total (up to your charge limit) you would like to charge to your student account. If you do not wish to use your student account, zero out the field and check out using a credit card.

Enter amount to charge student account

Title IV Authorization

Unless authorization is received, federal financial aid (Title IV) cannot be used to cover non-institutional charges you may incur throughout the academic year, as well as prior aid year charges. This leaves you with the responsibility to pay these charges, even if you receive a financial aid refund.

One such non-institutional student account charge is textbooks and other course materials. If you would like to have these items placed on your account, you must complete the Title IV Authorization Form.

Completion of this Title IV Financial Aid Authorization form allows the university to use your Title IV financial aid in excess of your current institutional charges to pay any remaining charges on your student account, including non-institutional charges (except late fees) and/or prior aid year charges up to $200, per federal regulations.

For more information, please visit the UAA Office of the Bursar website.

Eligibility to Charge your Student Account

  • Be registered for a UAA class; Anchorage, MatSu College, Kenai Peninsula College, Kodiak College, or Prince William Sound College. UAF or UAS courses are not eligible.
  • Be enrolled at UAA as a degree-seeking student (admitted to a degree / certificate program)
  • Have no financial holds on your student account

If you had not registered yet or need to fix your admissions or financial status, your charge limit will not show in the online bookstore. Once your registration/admission/financial status is fixed, your charge limit will update in the online bookstore within 1 business day. If you believe you should have received a charge limit and have not seen it update after resolving your eligibility, please email