Chemical Safety Committee

The Chemical Safety Committee is responsible for overseeing all uses of chemicals on the UAA campus. This committee reviews safety procedures and ensures compliance with the UAA Chemical Hygiene Plan (see Laboratory policies link below for current plan).

UAA Requirements for Lab Safety

Before Purchasing Chemicals:  If a Principal Investigator (PI) or their designee need chemicals for their research or class, contact Marcy Marino, Chemical Safety Officer, at (907) 786-1279 or  

Training: All UAA employees teaching or conducting research in any UAA laboratory that has biological, chemical, radiological or physical hazards must be trained appropriately. All UAA employees teaching or conducting research in any non-chemical laboratory must also have appropriate training.  Laboratory training forms are accessible for download from the lower left-hand side of the Forms and Templates page on the EHSRMS website.

EHSRMS Helpful Links

  • Laboratory policies at UAA for UAA's Research Lab Policy, Laboratory Hazardous Waste Policy, Radioactive Waste Policy, and other laboratory polices.