Laboratory Safety

Risk and Safety Solutions (RSS)

RSS is almost ready!

Tutorials and links to YouTube vidoes are available to UAA employees, using your UA credentials to log-in to Google.

A mobile app for your smartphone or tablet takes advantage of the QR sticker technology. Scan the QR code and all the chemical and safety information for that container appear on your device!

 RSS link will appear here in January.


Demonstrations and Workshops

Faculty who use demonstrations in class are asked to read the NSTA Guidelines and fill out the Demonstration SOP. Please use the Academic Year designation, e.g. AY18, for the date.  For demonstraions or workshops outside of a class, use the actual date of the demonstration on the Demonstration SOP form.


Personal Protective Information (Gloves) and Chemical Storage Information  will be updated as information changes, as the law requires, and as time permits.

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Report any broken links to EHSRMS.

Chemical Storage Information