Secondary Students Taking College Classes

Secondary student who have not yet graduated from high school are admitted as non-degree-seeking students. There is no application fee or deadline for secondary student admission.

High school students enrolled in a dual enrollment program (ANSEP Acceleration Academy, Middle College Programs) should refer to their program's application process.

Apply for Admission

To apply, new students should:

  1. Go to UAOnline and select the "Just Take a Class" option on the far right, then select "Enter as Non-Degree-Seeking Student."
  2. Under the UAA logo, select "Enter."
  3. Select the red "New User" link under Section 2 to create a temporary login ID and password. Please note that your temporary password must be exactly 6 numerals/digits and your login ID should be one that is unique and has not ever been used.
  4. Choose a campus (University of Alaska Anchorage).
  5. Choose either Anchorage Middle College (if you are entering that program) or Secondary School: 17 & younger as the application type.
  6. Select the admission term (for the semester you will begin attending and fill out the application.)
  7. Fill out the application. Please note: to avoid processing delays, please ensure that all information entered is accurate and complete.
  8. When a check mark appears before each section, click "Application is Complete" to submit your application for processing.

Please allow 1-2 business days for applications to be processed. You will receive an email when the application is processed which includes instructions on how to complete the Secondary Student Parent/Guardian Authorization.

After 1-2 business days, you may search for your UA credentials (UA Student ID number and username) and set a password at the UA Easy Login Maintenance Option (ELMO) site using the "Lookup Username/ID" feature. UA Student ID numbers must be retrieved through ELMO before completing the next steps.

Register for Classes

Before registering for classes, secondary students must submit a Secondary Student Parent/Guardian Authorization. A UA Student ID number is required to complete this authorization.

This electronic form uses DocuSign to verify signatures and must be digitally signed by both a parent/guardian and the student. Once complete, the authorization will automatically route to for processing. 

This authorization form only needs to be completed once and is honored by all three universities (UAA, UAF and UAS).

For additional information, please see the Secondary Student Enrollment Policy or contact the Registrar's Office at 907-786-1480 Option 5.

Once the authorization has been processed, register for classes on UAOnline. For help with the registration process see How to Register.