Space Management


This is the official site for space management at the University of Alaska Anchorage. Here you'll find our Policy Statement, procedures (including additional responsibilities, scope, principles, and definitions), maps and floor plans of university owned buildings, a form to request space, and information on how to contact us.


The Facilities Planner manages the allocation and utilization of space within the University of Alaska Anchorage system. The Facilities Planner operates under the oversight of the Planning and Budget Advisory Council (PBAC) through the Facilities sub-committee and reports to the Director of Facilities Planning and Construction.

Key Responsibilities

  • Advise PBAC-Facilities on priorities and options for space allocation and utilization.
  • Collaborate with Deans, Vice Chancellors and Department Heads to assess and develop responses to unit space needs.
  • Receive and respond to all requests for new space allocations and requests for changes in uses or configurations of allocated space.
  • Plan for changes is space allocation or functions.
  • Identify priorities for reallocation of vacated space.
  • Mediate and/or arbitrate space conflicts.
  • Maintain a coherent, integrated account of on-going space dynamics, i.e., relocations, reallocations, use changes, basic renovations and capital projects.
  • Collaborate with UAA and Statewide staff in gathering, maintaining, and reporting the official inventory of University space.
  • Develop/select and apply allocation standards for various space types and functions.
  • Access space utilization and report assessments to unit heads and PBAC.

For more information please contact FP&C at 786-4900 or by e-mail at