GEC Assessment

The GEC Assessment Task Force is a combination of GEC members and faculty recruited by OAA to help assess General Education at UAA. It has
members from Tier I, Tier II, and non-General Education faculty.

Members of GEC Assessment Task Force

GEC Council Members Assessment Task Force (OAA)
Rachel Graham (Lead, Tier 1, CC) Deidre Berbich (Business)
Sheri Denison (Tier 1, CC, UAB) Jeremy Nettleton (Science)
Mark Fitch (Tier 1) Jennifer Bernard (Business)
Gwendolyn Higgins (Library) Panigkaq Agatha John-Shields (Indigenous Education)
John Mouracade (Tier 2) Sebastian Neumayer (Computer Systems Engineering)
Katherine Rawlins (Tier 2) Seta Kabranian-Melkonian (Human Services)
Kelly Smith (Non-GER)  

General Education Assessment Plan

General Education Assessment Schedule

AA Assessment Plan