Colors & Fonts

Color and type are an essential part of our brand.

Our color palette consists of primary, secondary and supporting colors. Consistent use of UAA’s primary colors is the foundation for building our visual identity, and contributes to our overall brand awareness. 

To maintain brand consistency, it is essential to accurately reproduce our primary colors. Please use the official color values shown on this page. In some applications—particularly on promotional items such as decals, cups,pens or other give-away items—limited color options will be available. In these cases, choose the darkest green and a middle-valued gold or a darker yellow that best approximates UAA’s gold. 

The secondary and supporting colors are not intended to replace the primary colors, but may beapplied in moderation to enhance design. Some deviation may occur in the secondary and supporting colors, depending on design needs, but always try to stay as close to these color standards as possible.

The standard style of font to use for UAA branding is a sans-serif condensed font. The font on which our brand is based on is Roboto Condensed, which is available for downloading below.  Please review the font guidelines below for alternates.


Primary colors

UAA Green

    • Pantone: 343 C
    • CMYK: 98 0 72 61
    • RGB: 0 88 61
    • HEX: #00 58 3D

UAA Gold

    • Pantone: 123 C
    • CMYK: 0 24 94 0
    • RGB: 255 196 37
    • HEX: #FF C4 25

Secondary colors

Medium Green

    • Pantone: 7723 C
    • CMYK: 70 14 59 1
    • RGB: 78 166 133
    • HEX: #4E A6 85


    • Pantone: 151 C
    • CMYK: 0 60 100 0
    • RGB: 255 131 0
    • HEX: #FF 83 00

Supporting colors


    • Pantone: 7559 C
    • CMYK: 20 89 100 10
    • RGB: 184 61 38
    • HEX: #B8 3D 26

Medium Gray

    • Pantone: 7539 C
    • CMYK: 45 38 44 4
    • RGB: 144 142 134
    • HEX: #90 8E 86
    • Black: 53

Light Gray

    • Pantone: 420 C
    • CMYK: 20 17 20 0
    • RGB: 203 199 194
    • Black: 25


The selected typefaces for written communications are a subtle but effective way to communicate our visual brand and personality. The approved typefaces are practical, aesthetically pleasing and appropriate for the desired brand personality of UAA. The typefaces presented here are less important than the discipline of using them consistently, in both print and online communications.

Our go-to font is Roboto Condensed. Roboto Cond. Samples

Download the UAA Roboto Condensed font collection.

Installing print fonts on your computer

Download the font .zip file where it’s easy to find on your computer's hard drive and unzip the file. Go to Start > Control Panel > Appearance and Personalization > Fonts. Click and drag the unzipped font files into “Fonts”–it should copy and install automatically.

NOTE: If you receive an error message stating “the requested operation requires elevation,” it means you are not logged in as an administrator. Contact IT for more information to bypass this message.

Download the font .zip file where it’s easy to find on your computer's hard drive and unzip the file. Double-click on the font file to open it, then click "Install".

Alternative Fonts

The condensed or narrow versions of sans serif fonts may be substituted for Roboto Condensed. The following are good alternative options:

  • Arial Narrow
  • Helvetica Neue Condensed
  • Nimbus Sans
  • Sans
  • Swiss
  • Switzerland Condensed
  • Triumvirate
  • Universe

On occasion, a serif font may be used (usually for body text). The following are good serif options.

  • Arno Pro
  • Garamond
  • Goudy Old Style
  • Times
  • Times New Roman

Many fonts are copyrighted and licensed by font foundries, so please respect other’s copyrights by not performing inappropriate downloading and sharing. Roboto Condensed is licensed under Apache License 2.0 and is free for commercial use and sharing.

Web Fonts

Server based versions of the Robotofonts are available when using UAA’s content management system (CMS).