UAA Publications

UAA grows success. We tell that story.

University of Alaska Anchorage is an opportunity engine. Its offerings expand minds and build bridges to the future. Students — traditional and nontraditional — acquire research, critical thinking and communication skills. They prepare for careers, change careers or add skills while they continue to work and raise families.

The progress UAA students make is phenomenal. The commitment UAA faculty and staff invest in supporting their journey is meaningful. The result? Alumni ready to tackle the big questions facing Alaska today. Sixty percent of UAA graduates are still working in the state five years after they finish school.

Those are the stories UAA University Relations captures and shares. We produce a host of publications aimed at different audiences.

Seawolf Daily ThumbnailSeawolf Daily: Keeps faculty and staff up-to-date on campus and system news. Includes announcements, an employee calendar and classified ads. Delivered by email on campus Monday through Friday at 8:30 a.m.

a screenshot of an issue of UAA MonthlyUAA Monthly: Shares UAA’s success. Includes feature stories on UAA students, faculty and staff achievements and impact on the state of Alaska. Delivered by email on and off campus every month.

Alumni Spirit Cover ThumbnailAlumni Spirit magazine: UAA is 50,000-alumni strong. Three-fifths are still working in our state five years after they graduate. These are the minds that will shape Alaska’s future — in business, arts, science, government, leadership and education. PDF and website available at the Alumni Spirit website.