Graduate Research Funding and Opportunities

Funding Opportunities

Pivot is a comprehensive global database of sponsored funding announcements and scholar profiles that is available to all University of Alaska faculty, staff and students. Pivot uses a powerful search engine to find funding opportunities and collaborators that match your profile and search queries. With Pivot, UAA faculty, research administrators, and students can easily explore new avenues for funding, view funding opportunities uniquely matched to their scholar profile, and collaborate with colleagues.

All UAA faculty, staff, and students can sign up for an account using their email address. Use the Pivot Knowledge Base & Training and Pivot YouTube Instructional Videos to get started with Pivot. 

Internal Funding Opportunities

Scroll through the list to view internal graduate research funding opportunties

Internal Funding Opportunities on Pivot


External Funding Opportunities

Scroll through the list to view external graduate research funding opportunties

External Funding Opportunities on Pivot



Paid Research Opportunities 

Internal paid research opportunties are also available on Pivot. For external paid research opportunities, students and alumni can use Handshake, the UAA career management platform. On Handshake students and alumni can discover new career paths, build a professional profile, find amazing jobs and internships, connect with great companies, and schedule appointments with Career Services. All UAA students have access to handshake using their email address.  


Internal Opportunities

These are just a few paid research opportunities currrently available to UAA graduate students. Search for and view more on Pivot.

Employment Opportunities on Pivot



External Opportunities

These are just a few paid research opportunities currrently available to graduate students. Sign up for Handshake to view more opportunities.

Employment Opportunities on Handshake


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