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Alaska PTAC assists Alaska businesses with one-on-one counseling, services, and workshops regarding all aspects of government contracting. Customized client advising works toward maximizing each business' government contracting capability.


Advising areas include:

  • Providing training and networking opportunities

  • Assisting with federal registrations and certifications

  • Matching business capabilities to opportunities (award winning Bid Match program)

  • Identifying government buyers and purchasing offices

  • Clarifying contract terms and regulations

  • Assisting with market research

  • Identifying subcontracting opportunities

  • Reviewing nontechnical aspects of bids and proposals

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FISHEYE Consulting LLC

Stephen Grabecki is the owner of FISHEYE Consulting, a one-person firm that provides consulting on all aspects of fisheries, and as Stephen says, includes "from boat to throat". He specializes in biology, ecology, environmental studies and permitting, fishery development and management, and seafood safety and quality. Many of his clients are in the petroleum, mineral, and hydroelectrical, and seafood industries, and now the government sector.