Juvenile Salmon Dietary Investigation

Picture of a Coho salmon smoltJuvenile Salmon Dietary Investigation
Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson
August 2016 to February 2018

AERC will provide project management for the Alaska Center for Conservation Science (ACCS) as they conduct a study of juvenile salmon diets in various Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson (JBER) streams. The project will draw on experience gained from a similar study being conducted jointly by AERC and ACCS on juvenile chinook salmon diets in the Yukon River. By collecting and identifying the stomach contents of young salmon during the freshwater stages of their lifecycle, the team will provide data that can be used to better understand and manage JBER salmon habitat.

  • Document the type and quantity of foods used by juvenile Pacific Salmon in three JBER streams.
  • Provide reports to JBER wildlife managers which include recommendations for improvements
  • AERC in partnership with ACCS will provide specialists with extensive experience studying the diets of juvenile Pacific salmon in Alaska.