Welker Lab

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Jeff is the newly-appointed Fulbright Distinguished U.S. Arctic Chair in Norway

The Welker lab is dedicated to understanding the ecophysiological processes governing the functional and structural traits of Arctic/Alpine tundra, boreal forests and temperate grasslands under current and future conditions. Welker’s research program centers on four main themes:

1) Experimental and observational studies that examine how carbon and nitrogen cycling in Low and High Arctic ecosystems respond to deeper snow in winter and warmer temperatures in summer;

2) Continental-scale processes and patterns of the isotope geochemistry of precipitation as a means to understand the ecohydrology of landscapes and the recording of climate records in proxies such as ice cores, tree rings and speleothems;

3) The food web and migratory ecology of ecosystems in Alaska involving gray wolves, moose, salmon, caribou, polar bears, white-fronted geese, and seabirds; and

4) Climate-plant-animal interactions in Arctic and temperate landscapes using experimental and observational studies.

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