Full Lives Conference for Direct Service Professionals & Care Coordinators

20th Annual Full Lives Conference

April 14 - April 16, 2021

Online Web-Delivered


The Alaska Training Cooperative in collaboration with the State of Alaska Senior & Disability Services, UAA Center for Human Development, and the Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority is pleased to present the 2021 Full Lives Conference. Keynote presentations and breakout sessions focus on the efforts and trends within the industry to highlight the important role advocacy and self-advocacy play with those we support.

Full Lives draws a wide range of attendees that provide services in developmental disabilities, behavioral health, traumatic brain injuries, substance-related disorders, and senior services. Attendees include case managers, direct support professionals, care coordinators, community advocates, supervisors, administrators, self-advocates, caregivers, and families receiving services.

The Full Lives Conference encourages interaction, problem-solving, and sharing among all participants. This atmosphere contributes to a dynamic conference that encourages ongoing networking and collaboration.

 The Full Lives Conference receives funding and support from the Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority, UAA Center for Human Development, The Alaska Training Cooperative, and the State of Alaska Senior and Disability Services.