CHD Genius Training Registration System

Welcome to the new Genius registration system for continuing education and professional development training at the Center for Human Development! 



Genius replaces the previous AKTCLMS which means Learners can now use a single login for Genius and Blackboard making for a more streamlined experience. You can use the buttons above to search through our catalog, sign in to your account and registration tracking, and access Blackboard where training materials are housed.

 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What is Genius?

    The CHD Learning Registration and Tracking System (aka 'Genius') is an online resource for training and educational opportunities in Alaska for providers working in the disability field inclduing those who serve the beneficiaries of the Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority. 

    Administered under the University of Alaska, Anchorage, College of Health, the Center for Human Development and its programs are responsible for providing non-academic trainings, professional development and continuing education programs to Alaska's behavioral health and direct service workforce serving Trust beneficiaries. 

    This web-based system that offers a one-stop shop of training opportunities through CHD's Alaska Training Cooperative (AKTC), Family Services Training Center (FSTC), and our community partners.

  • Signing in first time (account from AKTCLMS)
    1. Go to the CHD Login Page
    2. Use the same email used in AKTCLMS as your username in the "Login" field
    3. Click on "Recover your password"
    4. Follow the prompts to recover your password and sign in.

    Our Genius Registration Walkthrough is an easy visual guide as well.

  • Register a new account

    **If you had a username or registered for training before in our AKTCLMS system, please use the "Signing in first time (account from AKTCLMS)" instructions above. This will assure your training record is linked to your account correctly.**

    To register a NEW account for the first time:

    1. Browse the catalog and register for a class.
    2. During the checkout process, you will be directed through the steps to create a new account.

    Remember to select "University of Alaska > University of Alaska Anchorage > College of Health > CHD" as the affiliation to see our latest training opportunities!


    1. Go to the CHD Login Page
    2. Click on "Create Account"
    3. Follow the prompts to create a new account. We recommend you use a personal email address as your learning record remains linked to you rather than linked to an employer. 

    Our Genius Registration Walkthrough is an easy visual guide as well.

  • Where is my training record?

    Your training record from the retired AKTCLMS system will be migrated into the new Genius system and linked to the same email as used in the retired system. We anticipate the migration process will be complete by August 2022.

    Should you have urgent needs or questions related to your training record, reach out to our tech support team at (907) 264-6244 or email

  • Payment Options and Refund Policy

    Payment options include credit card (via Touchnet), send a check, or employer pay.

    Payment must be received in full to complete your registration/enrollment in a training. We highly recommend payment by credit card to assure your seat is fully reserved and allow immediate access to on-demand training. 

    When registering, you may also choose "Pay by Check" or "Employer Pay" - this requires that you contact our billing desk at or call (907) 264-6261 for additional steps and information required to complete enrollment. Your registration is not considered complete and a seat in training will not be reserved otherwise.

    Withdrawal and Refund Policies:

    You may withdraw from a training and automatically be issued a refund through the system (for credit card payments) up to 7 days before the first day of training. 

    If you withdraw within the 7 days prior to training start, you must contact or call (907) 264-6244 for approval. No refund will be issued. This policy assures trainees, instructors, and employers can have adequate notice for planning.

    For on-demand training, you must contact or call (907) 264-6244 to be withdrawn from training and discuss any refund eligibility.

    Redemption codes purchased for specific training are nonrefundable and nontransferable.

    If you believe you have extenuating circumstances affecting the listed policies, please contact or call (907) 264-6244.

  • Locked out? (and other help topics)

    If you have locked yourself out of your account through too many failed sign-in attempts, you can wait 30 minutes for the account to automatically clear and reset. 

    You may also reach out to tech support at (907) 264-6244 or email

Assistance with Self Administration of Medication (ASAM) training information

  • ASAM Payment Options

    We are excited to announce new payment and training access options for ASAM! As the new Genius noncredit registration system is rolled out, agencies and employees will have 2 options for ASAM registration and payment.

    Once purchased, ASAM training registrations do not expire, but are nonrefundable and nontransferable. Cost for this training remains at $20 per registration.

    We recommend credit card payment for ease and immediate access to training. Check payments require additional steps and a delay in training access.

    Option 1: Purchase a registration code to issue for use during class registration. Sets of 5, 10, and 20 are available for purchase.

    Option 2: Have employee(s) register individually and choose “Employer Pay” during checkout.

    Agency Instructions for ASAM Registration and Payment


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