Microenterprise Grant



Application Deadline Date

March 6, 2024  at 12 noon
September 11, 2024  at 12 noon
For assistance with your application, please contact Amy Parker
Phone: 907-347-5808


The Micro Enterprise Fund strives to increase access to Micro Enterprise and self-employment opportunities for persons with disabilities who are Alaska Mental Health Trust Beneficiaries. Grant funds may be used for costs associated with starting a new business, expanding a current business or acquiring an existing business.

KTVA (2019): Statewide grant helps Alaskans with disabilities become their own boss

Definition of a Micro Enterprise

The business must meet the definition of a micro enterprise, which is a business with total capital needs of not more than $35,000 and fewer than 5 employees.

Allowable Uses of a Grant Award

Allowable costs include but are not limited to: business license, insurance, permits, inventory, raw materials to make a product, equipment, supplies, rent or lease for space to offer a service or product, utilities, furnishings, marketing activities, transportation costs not related to vehicle purchases, accounting services and training/support services.

MEGRANT Application Process

The Microenterprise grant application is an online application. Please complete it online and be sure that all required documents are attached before you “Submit” the application. Once submitted no other changes or attachments can be made.

Applications MUST be received by 12 noon on the deadline. Applications arriving after the deadline will not be accepted.


- Due by -
**March 6, 2024 12PM Noon**
**September 11, 2024 12PM Noon**

Apply through this Microenterprise Grant Application link!

Micro-Enterprise Policies and Procedures


For assistance with your application, please contact Amy Parker

Phone: 907-347-5808

Application Guidelines:

  • Requirements

    The grant amounts people request varies depending on the business. Applicants can request a minimum of $500 and a maximum of $10,000. Multiple applications per applicant are accepted in different review periods, but the lifetime maximum is $10,000. (For example, if Joe is awarded $3,000 in 2010 he can request up to $7,000 in subsequent applications).

    If you are requesting $500 - $1,000 you are required to submit this application and the following supporting documentation:

    • Proof of Mental Health Trust Authority Beneficiary Status
    • Documentation of your dollar for dollar match. If a portion of your match is from DVR: You will need to show DVR approval.
    • Resume
    • Quotes and Specification sheets for items awarded funds will purchase.
    • Business Plan that includes all the following parts:
      • Description of business
      • Operating plan
      • Financial management plan
      • Feasibility research
      • Profit and loss (3 yrs)
      • Cash flow (3 yrs)
      • Marketing Plan
  • Eligibility

    Eligibility: To be eligible for a grant from the Microenterprise Fund, applicants must be an Alaska Mental Health Trust Beneficiary, as defined by the Trust:
    a. People with mental illness: Statutory definition [AS 47.30.056(d)]:
    b. People with developmental disabilities: Statutory definition [AS 47.30.056(e)]:
    c. People with chronic alcoholism: Statutory definition [AS 47.30.056(f)]:
    d. People with Alzheimer’s disease and related dementia: Statutory definition [AS 47.30.056(g)]
    e. People with Traumatic Brain Injury

    Applicants are required to provide documentation of their beneficiary status, with the submission of their application, which can be:

    a. Medical documentation - from a Doctor and that includes a diagnosis;
    b. Social Security Disability Insurance or Supplemental Security Income disability determination;
    c. Vocational Rehabilitation Eligibility statement based on beneficiary disability type;
    d. Other legal documentation of disability as deemed acceptable by the fund administrator



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