CHD Genius Training Registration System

Welcome to the new Genius registration system for continuing education and professional development training at the Center for Human Development! 



Genius replaces the previous AKTCLMS which means Learners can use a single login for Genius and Blackboard making for a more streamlined experience. You can use the buttons above to search through our catalog, sign in to your account and registration tracking, and access Blackboard where training materials are housed.


  • What is Genius?

    The CHD Learning Registration and Tracking System (aka 'Genius') is an online resource for training and educational opportunities in Alaska for providers working in the disability field inclduing those who serve the beneficiaries of the Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority. 

    Administered under the University of Alaska, Anchorage, College of Health, the Center for Human Development and its programs are responsible for providing non-academic trainings, professional development and continuing education programs to Alaska's behavioral health and direct service workforce serving Trust beneficiaries. 

    Genius is a web-based system that offers a one-stop shop of training opportunities through CHD's Alaska Training Cooperative (AKTC), Family Services Training Center (FSTC), and our community partners.

  • Signing in first time (account from AKTCLMS)

    Go to the CHD Login Page

    Use the same email used in AKTCLMS as your username in the "Login" field

    Click on "Recover your passowrd"

    Follow the prompts to recover your password and sign in.

    Our Genius Registration Walkthrough is an easy visual guide with pictures to use as well.

  • Locked out? (and other help topics)

    If you have locked yourself out of your account through too many failed sign in attempts, you can wait 30 minutes for the account to automatically clear and reset. 

    You may also reach out to tech support at (907) 264-6244 or email