Work Incentive Planning & Assistance

Alaska WIPA Project

The Alaska WIPA Project provides assistance to beneficiaries who are working at wage employment, self-employment, or who have a job offer pending. Assistance is offered to help understand the various work incentive programs that might be available, and provide advice about how to manage one’s benefits during the transition to paid employment. We provide both initial and follow along assistance to beneficiaries. Benefits Counseling and a written Benefits Summary Analysis (BSA) is provided free of charge.

If you are currently working, about to begin work, or are self-employed, please contact the Alaska WIPA Project.

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Ticket to Work Help Line

If you should have general questions regarding SSA benefits please call or visit your local SSA office, or visit the website at:

For more information about Ticket to Work/Work Incentives, please contact the help line at 1-866-968-7842 (V) or 866-833-2967 (TTY)

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  • Alaska Job Center Network
    Alaska Job Center Network. Location, e-mail and phone contact information for Job Centers in Alaska.

  • National Center on Workforce and Disability
    Information on the workforce system and how to support people with disabilities returning or entering into the workforce.

  • Alaska Division of Vocational Rehabilitation
    Branch of state government responsible for rehabilitation and other services to people with disabilities who want to return to work. A One Stop Partner.

  • Ticket to Work
    MAXIMUS web page for Ticket to Work Program, information about the Ticket to Work, Work Incentive Improvement Act, distribution and availability of resources for people with disabilities and Employment Networks enrolled to support individuals efforts to return to work.

  • Social Security Online - The Work Site
    Social Security page with information and links to other resources for people with disabilities who want to work and manage their disability benefits.
  • PASS Plan
    Montana University Affiliated Rural Institute on Disabilities. Information and numerous examples of PASS Plans. Major contributor, Dave Hammis, an authority on PASS Plans.
  • PASS Plan
    Cornell University - Resources for the Plan to Achieve Self Support (PASS). Information and secure online application. Must create a free account to access the application.

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