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ALASKA Victimization Survey

Every human being has the right to be safe and free from violence in their own homes, in their relationships, and in their community. Intimate partner violence and sexual violence are endemic problems. Since 2010, the Alaska Victimization Survey (AVS) has provided comprehensive statewide and regional data on violence against Alaskan women to guide planning and policy development and to evaluate the impact of prevention and intervention services. 

The AVS is conducted by the UAA Justice Center for the Council on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault (CDVSA). We thank each of the approximately 13,000 women in Alaska who have participated in these surveys. Because of your courage, we know more about the impact of violence and are better prepared to respond to and prevent it across our state.



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    Alaska study links domestic violence to poor health outcomes

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    The Alaska Victimization Survey (AVS) released a new report about the health of women who have experienced Intimate Partner Violence (IPV). Physical violence is a part of IPV, but it also includes things like controlling behaviors, threats of harm, and inflicting harm against people and things an intimate partner cares about. Dr. Ingrid Johnson with AVS told the Alaska Beacon these sorts of behaviors can have a lasting impact.


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