About the UAA Seawolf Food Pantry

The Seawolf Food Pantry was established by faculty with the Dietetics and Nutrition program in hopes to help the nearly 45% of UAA students who are experiencing some type of food insecurity. While students can currently access the Emergency Food Cache through the Student Health and Counseling Center, this resource provides only three days' worth of convenience foods (like ramen and granola bars) for a single person. This is invaluable for students in an emergent situation, but sometimes students might need a bit more. The Seawolf Food Pantry aims to fill this gap and offer a more comprehensive selection of foods for students and their households of up to four people. Only UAA students will be able to access the pantry, but they can receive food for their household even if their household members are not UAA students. 

For more information, please contact uaa_seawolfpantry@alaska.edu.