The Medical Office Practicum is a 6-week, full-time, supervised practicum of 240 contact hours in an ambulatory healthcare setting.  Transportation to off-campus practicum sites is the responsibility of the student.

In order to be eligible for the practicum course, students must meet the following pre-clinical requirements:

  1. A recent physical examination may be required prior to the beginning of the practicum. Each student must be free from infectious diseases and physically able to participate in the practicum. Documentation of required immunizations must be submitted to the Student Health and Counseling Center for review. See the Student Health and Counseling Center website for required immunizations.
  2. Current Healthcare Provider (American Heart Association) or Professional Rescuer (American Red Cross) certificate in CPR/AED for infants, children, and adults. First aid certification is required prior to the start of the practicum and must be kept current throughout the practicum course.
  3. Proof of medical insurance, a criminal background check, and a drug screening are required by some medical offices which serve as medical office practicum sites. The cost to meet these requirements is the responsibility of the student. Students who are injured while completing practicum assignments are responsible for all associated medical costs. Students are strongly encouraged to maintain personal medical insurance.