United Healthcare Health Insurance Coverage

United Healthcare Health Insurance Coverage

WWAMI students are eligible for Health Care benefits through the UAA Graduate School.  Enrollment is not automatic; students complete and submit the online WWAMI enrollment form  to finalize their enrollment process. 

WWAMI students having prior coverage (spousal, partner, parental, etc.), the University of Alaska Anchorage graduate benefit is an excess policy; it is always secondary and can help towards copays and deductibles. However, if WWAMI students have Medicaid or Tricare (Military Policy), the WWAMI policy is the primary benefit policy and Medicaid and Tricare are secondary benefit policies.

Note: the health insurance plan does NOT have a dental component for teeth cleaning or general maintenance.

Healthcare Resources/Information:

Health Insurance 101

2023-2024 Summary Brochure

2022-2023 Certificate of Coverage

2021-2022 Dental Benefit Summary

2021-2022 Vision Benefit Summary

  • Dependents may be added to the policy after student enrollment is confirmed with UHC Customer Service.
  • Are you traveling? Check out your Global Emergency Services benefits (outlined in the Summary Brochure above) before traveling.

Please complete the WWAMI enrollment form. Please make sure you enter your 8-digit UAA ID#, not your UW ID#.

2023-2024 premiums are:

  • Annual cost $3268.00
  •  Monthly cost $273.00 (estimated)

You must enroll either annually or by the month. If monthly, you must stipulate how many months of coverage that you want. Monthly premiums cannot extend past August 24, 2024 for this benefit year.  Months begin on the 1st of the month and end the last day of the month, e.g. six months could begin on September 1, 2023 and end on February 28, 2024.

Annual premium coverage is from August 25, 2023 through August 24, 2024 and is retroactive to August 25 for claims purposes. 

Initiating United Healthcare Coverage the Basics:

  1. Complete the Health Insurance Enrollment form
  2. Look for emails from the UAA Graduate School to confirm your enrollment submission has been processed by United Healthcare Student Resources. Once you have received your email, then...
  3. Create an online account through United Healthcare to initiate your benefits. 
  4. Policy premiums are charged to your UAA student account through UAOnline (UAA student ID#).  It may take up to 60 days to invoice your account.
  5. Contact the UAA Graduate School with questions or if you encounter any issues with coverage.


Fall Semester:  Before August 20 - or end of first week in September - for WWAMI students wanting annual insurance or shorter term monthly insurance (monthly).

Spring Semester:  Before December 15  - or end of third week in January - for WWAMI students wanting monthly insurance beginning January 1.

Summer Semester:  Before May 15 - or end of third week in May - for WWAMI students wanting monthly insurance beginning May 1 through August 24.