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About Us

The American Society of Safety Professionals, founded 1911, is the world’s oldest and largest professional safety organization. Currently, the ASSP has over 36,000 members spanning over 80 countries worldwide. 

The ASSP UAA Student Section provides opportunities for OSH students attending UAA to participate in scholarships, networking, and career activities. We have activities every month, including Section meetings, Section events and safety networking opportunities.

Students enrolled in Occupational Safety and Health, Industrial Hygiene, Construction Management, Risk management, and similar programs all benefit from the membership and participation with the American Society of Safety Professionals, UAA Student Section.


Meet Our Officers

  • Kumiko Helming, President
    a headshot of Kumiko Helming

    Kumiko Helming


    From the University of Alaska, Anchorage, Kumiko holds an A.A.S. in Occupational Safety and Health and is currently pursuing a B.A.S. in OSH as well. She has been an officer for the ASSP Student Section for going-on three years and was inducted as Student Section President in January of 2021. She specializes in customized training programs with experience in general industry, construction, and mining safety practices. As a self-proclaimed safety enthusiast, Kumiko prioritizes the success and safety of all students and peers involved within the organization and beyond.

  • Logan Decker, Vice President

    Logan Decker

    Vice President

    An experienced, well-rounded safety professional who reduces and manages organizational risk with a proactive approach. Logan prioritizes strong workplace safety cultures, where employees and managers unite to reduce organizational risk through experience, knowledge, effective communication, and modern technologies. Logan has successfully championed multiple proactive safety measures using behavior-based work observations, field audits/inspections, and encouraging the use of the Hierarchy of Controls by field level employees.

    Logan is a lifelong learner who is dedicated to developing skills that are beneficial to employers, employees, and self-development. He currently holds his AAS in OSH and is pursuing a BAS in the same.

  • Brad Buechner, Secretary
     a photo of Brad Buechner fishing with his son

    Brad Buechner


    Retired from the U.S. Army and entered the Carpenter Apprenticeship program with Local 1281 in 2015. Employed by BrandSafway, LLC., a preponderance of his work has been scaffold related on the North Slope, the Kenai Peninsula and Anchorage. He is also a part-time upgrade instructor for the Alaska Carpenter Training Trust and conducts classes for Union Carpenters at the local training center in Anchorage.

    At UAA, the OSH Program gives you a baseline of knowledge regarding how to deal with safety related issues in the workplace; beyond the “because I said so,” answer to safety. You now have the “why” and the “how”, to relate that to individuals on both a professional and personal level.

    Quote: “Leave work at work but take safety with you everywhere.”

  • Brandon Hemphill, Treasurer

    Brandon Hemphill



  • Brian Gould, Faculty Advisor
     a photo of Brian with mountains in the background

    Brian Gould

    Faculty Advisor

    Brian has been in the safety and health field for over twenty years working in the petroleum, mining, nuclear, consulting services, and now most recently as an Assistant Professor of Occupational Safety and Health at the University of Alaska Anchorage - Community and Technical College. Brian also serves as the advisor to the Alaska Chapter of the ASSP, Student Section.  His professional certifications include: CSP-Certified Safety Professional, ABIH-Certified Industrial Hygienist, CCPS-Certified Process Safety Professional, IHMM-Certified Hazardous Materials Manager, and SHRM-Certified Professional.