Academic Policies

UAA academic policies are guided by the Board of Regents Policy Part X: Academic Policy and Regulations. Many university-level academic policies are contained within the UAA Academic Catalog. Academic Policies not contained in the catalog are listed below. New policies are posted for review and guidance, prior to being finalized. Additionally, as UAA memorializes standing practices in the new policy format, these will be posted for review and guidance as well.


Academic Policy - Provost Requests Your Guidance

The Provost requests your guidance on the following draft policies. Each indicates the comment period and includes a link to the policy and the guidance email address. As policies come up for review, they will be posted here.


Accreditation (Specialized) and Other External Recognitions

Course Fee Policy (Under development)

Course Scheduling: Standard Time Blocks

Course Scheduling: Identifying Delivery Mode in the Schedule

Record of Student Complaints Policy

Suspension of Admissions or Deletion Guidelines for Academic Programs

Syllabus Guidance


Please contact Academic Affairs if you are looking for a policy that is not listed.  


University of Alaska Anchorage
Office of Academic Affairs
Phone: 907- 786-1054
   Fax: 907-786-1426